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(Limited to 16 players per session - maximize player playing time)

Game Play - Middle School Edition

  • GRADES: 5th-8th Grade
  • WEDNESDAYS 5:45 pm - 7:00 pm
  • 4 Weeks of Game Play
  • Coached by Collegiate Division Players
  • Developed for Maximum Game Time Experience
  • Limited to 16 players

Game Play - HIGH School Edition

  • GRADES: 9th - 12th Grade
  • WEDNESDAYS 7:15 pm - 8:30 pm
  • 4 Weeks of Game Play
  • Coached by Collegiate Division Players
  • Developed for Maximum Game Time Experience
  • Don't let summer be a complete Off-season! Practice in a friendly competitive atmosphere. 
  • Limited to 16 Players


Collegiate experienced players from around the Denver Metro Area will be coaching these two teams pitted against each other.  Players rotate around each team every week to enhance team dynamics and player opportunities.  Each team will have one dedicated coach. 

Great opportunity to chat with some of the best players to have played at the collegiate  level!

Volleyball Game Nights

Enhance & advance game Experience

Game Play nights are designed to focus on two critical aspects of sport:

Have fun

Primary focus of these sessions is to quickly get into game action, pitting two teams against each other in live action games with the benefit of experienced collegiate players coaching the teams.  Teams will constantly rotate to provide even competitive fields and opportunities for your players in every position. 


Developing game time strategies, situational play and coachable moments is difficult without being in the competitive game itself.  These sessions drive right into maximizing as much supervised and instructed game play for your players. 


HOW LONG ARE SESSIONS? 1.25 hrs of game play per week (4 sessions)
CAN I PAY WEEK TO WEEK? We require all payment to be made at time of registration
ARE THEY JUST PLAYING GAMES? Teams are formed every session with collegiate coaches managing each team. Situational gameplay an coaching points will be provided within a competitive game play environment.
WHERE IS SPORT AXIS? We are located at 2400 Industrial Ln. Broomfield, CO 80020. The gym is located just south of Slammers Baseball.
WHY SPORT AXIS? We offer state of the art training machines while working with top, competitive coaches from club volleyball and collegiate teams